About CARA

Mission Statement

Teaming together with major universities on the West Coast, BASF has set up a multidisciplinary research institute with an emphasis on advanced materials, biosciences, catalysis, digitalization, formulation, inorganic materials, and synthesis. CARA, the California Research Alliance by BASF, will bring together researchers across UC campuses, Stanford, Caltech, and USC to collaborate with their BASF counterparts and solve tough problems. Through this collaborative framework, new materials will be synthesized, novel methods will be developed, and impactful tools will be built.

About the Alliance

The center will operate under a “hub and spokes” model in which the research projects and activities are headquartered and coordinated from UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry as the hub. Research projects will also be carried out at other UC campuses, Stanford, Caltech, and USC. A master agreement regulates interactions between BASF and Berkeley, roles and responsibilities, IP and publications, and initiation of projects.

Positions Available

Scientists interested in joining CARA should submit an application directly with the professor of interest.

Scientists and others interesting joining BASF directly should apply via the BASF Careers website: https://www.basf.com/global/en/careers/jobs.html.